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Birthday Parties

Gymnastics Birthday Party

4 years and up

Celebrate your child’s birthday this year with us at Rideau Gymnastics! With a giant facility full of equipment to bounce, play and climb on, we have the perfect place for your child to invite their friends and have a great time! A typical birthday party at Rideau Gymnastics includes one hour and fifteen minutes of gymnastics and forty-five minutes dedicated to food, refreshments and gift exchange.

Ceramics Painting Birthday Party

5 years and up

We are offering a colourful and creative birthday party for girls and boys of all age. Painters select one ceramic piece to paint from the birthday shelf. During the party, our art instructor will give the children step-by-step instructions on how to use the paint and brushes to achieve the look they want. Birthday parties run a total of two hours: this includes 1 hour 15 minutes lesson and a 45 minutes time period for cake and presents.

Minecraft Birthday Party

5 years and up

Come celebrate your birthday with your friends for some Minecraft fun! We offer up to 8 partygoers (including the birthday child) everything they need to enjoy a Minecraft-themed adventure complete with in-game challenges. For Minecraft, we create a private server so that all of the participants can play together. Kids may also choose to create their own or join Mineplex game servers. Our instructor provide supervision and assistance throughout the party to make sure everyone has a great time.

Lego Birthday Party

5 years and up

Building blocks are a wonderful creative outlet for any child. What is the better way to celebrate a birthday for the young engineer or designer than with a LEGO themed birthday party? The participants will choose from more than 500 thousands of building blocks to make their own castles, statues, bridges, cars, planes, or whatever they wish. The event will include a Lego instructor who will serve as a host and two hours in our private Lego Hall.

Pottery Birthday Party

5 years and up

Create a unique event that your kids will never forget! Kids attending the party can make something on the potter's wheel or a hand built piece at the table. You can choose your clay projects from our list including making pots, bowls, vases, masks, animals, and wall pockets, or work with our clay teacher to design a special project of your own.

Canvas Birthday Party

5 years and up

Canvas painting can be a fun way to celebrate the birthday! Guests will paint their own 8 X 10 canvas art piece. We provide easels, canvases, brushes, aprons and paints as well as a qualified teacher to guide them through the entire painting process. Each painter takes home the canvas they paint at the end of the event! Before the party, we will work with you to design a picture specific to your child’s interests.

Gems Hunter Birthday Party

6 years and up

Take a Scientific Journey with a Gems Hunter Birthday Party. Get hands-on with a variety of cool rocks and minerals while learning how minerals have formed as natural resources. Learn how to cut, trim, grind and polish a slab of rock to create a finished stone (cabochon). Guests will be able to grind and polish at least one stone and bring home the real gemstone!

Science Wiz Birthday Party

8 years and up

A science-themed birthday is a great party idea that is sure to entertain! Super scientist Birthday Party allows participants the chance to learn actual scientific facts, participate during experiments and find answer to questions they always had. Kids discover the fun side of science as they take part in spectacular science demonstrations.

Fashion Designer Birthday Party

8 years and up

Has your child ever wanted to design the perfect T-shirt? How about a cap? How does having their very own designs printed and transferred right onto clothing sound? If you want them to feel like an expert fashion designer this is the perfect time for them to shine.

Parkour Birthday Party

Coming soon


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