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Athletes will learn the fundamentals and develop body awareness and train for challenging acrobatic skills (back and front somersaults with or without twisting). All techniques learned on our competitive trampolines are also vital for many sports (gymnastics, figure skating, freestyle, etc.).

Classes for children age 6 and up who want to learn acrobatic skills on a trampoline.

Trampoline 1

1 hr class
6+ years

This class teaches introductory skills and develops athletes’ overall fitness and coordination and air awareness while learning in a safe and fun environment. Skills are practiced on the trampolines, mini tramp, double mini, and Tumbl Trak. Introductory skills include; shape jumps (tuck, straddle, pike), various drops (seat, back, front), drops and ½ turn, and connecting skills like backdrop to stomach).

Trampoline 2

1.5 hr class
6+ years

Prerequisite: backdrop to stomach & swivel hips 

This class teaches intermediate and advanced level skills in a fun and non-competitive environment. This class is great for athletes looking to improve their spatial awareness and learn new skills in a safe space. Intermediate and advanced skills include; back pullovers, front tuck to flat back, barani tuck/pike,ballout tuck, Cody, and back tuck to backdrop. Tumbl trak, double mini trampoline, rod floor, and spring floor will also be used to stretch and condition and practice various drills and skills.