Develop body awareness and acrobatic skills during these high speed high flight classes

Our facility is equipped with rebounding bed above-ground trampoline frames which are sunken in-ground for safety reasons. This allows athletes to learn the fundamentals and excel in the trampoline sport or develop body awareness and train for challenging acrobatic skills (back and front somersaults with or without twisting). All techniques learned on our competitive trampolines are also vital for many sports (gymnastics, figure skating, freestyle, etc.) pursuit, whether it is simply strengthening core muscles or developing the timing and spotting skills necessary to catch your double on the flying trapeze.

Classes are available as group lessons of 60 minutes with up to six students per class. For a more intense workout, 90 minutes are also available. At present, we offer Trampoline classes with the designations of beginner & intermediate level. Advanced level classes will be added as necessary.



1.5 & 2 hrs, ages 6+ & 9+

Our trampoline program is for those who love to jump and fly! Learning basic jumps and acrobatic skills, your child will be thrilled to come back each week and soar to new heights! Co-ed class.


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Rideau Gymnastics Update

Dear Rideau Families,

Following the request made by all levels of government, all recreational and competitive training has been suspended until further notice.

We hope everyone is coping with the new, but hopefully short-lived, lifestyle norms.

To those that were registered to our March Break camp, please note that a credit will be applied to your account.

Furthermore, recreational athletes will be offered make-up training for sessions missed due to our temporary closure, once we reopen.

We would like to thank everyone for their patience and support during these times.

We will continue to provide updates, as soon as new information is available.

Staying connected in these times is even more important than before, so we encourage everyone to keep in touch through the various online communication means that we are fortunate to have at our disposal.

Your Rideau Team