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9:00am – 4:00pm

Before (8:00am to 9:00am) and after-care (4:00pm to 5:30pm) is available for an additional $5.95+tx per day.

Reserve a spot now for only $10 (non-refundable). Full fee (+ GO fee) is due 2 weeks before your camp week starts. You may switch dates/programs if there is space available.

Full week registrations only. Some exceptions may apply for  single day registrations. Please email admin@rideaugymnastics.org.

All full week campers get a free t-shirt and a pizza lunch on Fridays.

All campers will be barefoot on the gym floor but need slip-on shoes or sandals inside the facility so they are not barefoot in the washrooms or while doing crafts/games or other activities.


Gymnastics Camps + Special Themes
(Ages 5-12)

All our gymnastics campers will get to hone their balance beam skills, swing on the bars, race across the tumble track and Ninja Obstacle Course, learn to flip and vault over the cheese mats and burn off every last bit of energy on our trampolines and foam pit. Every week there is a special theme that we’ve carefully curated to enhance the summer camp experience.

Great Adventures Camp

So many places to see and so many places to be! Pack up your rucksack, we are going on an adventure! The universe we live in is so amazing so why not see it all! Take a deep breath as we swim through the sea. Take one small step for mankind as we explore outer space. There is never a dull moment to be had, so tie up your shoes it’s time to go! This is sure to be an adventure you do not want to miss!

WHAT TO EXPECT: Campers will be grouped by age and activities tailored to the appropriate age groups. Everyday, campers will grab their passports and travel to a new adventure.

Space Day: campers will build their own spaceships out of foam blocks and mats, explore the solar system with space themed games, decipher and send alien messages and don their astronaut gear and conquer space!

Safari Day: campers will engage in safari animal games, explore the unknowns in gymnastics style expeditions, and enjoy a relaxing day at the local watering hole. On Friday, bring your favorite stuffed animals for gymnastics and friends show and tell!

The Deep Blue Sea*: Campers will take the gym by sea with a variety of underwater themed games. Play human battleship and engage in gymnastics style excursions. Old maps and pirate treasures are also just waiting to be discovered.

World Travel: Pack your “bags”, we are going to explore the world! On this day, we will try snacks from other countries, visit the Eiffel Tower, “climb” Mount Fuji, and more without leaving the gym!

Ottawa: So much to explore right here at home! Gear up for an Ottawa themed adventure. We will be learning and “travelling” all around our amazing city.

Ultimate Survivor

Grab your bow, it’s time to go! Embrace your inner Katniss and harness your Hawkeye precision in this camp. Campers will be taking on obstacles and archery challenges each day. Children will be honing their bowman skills with training sessions and competing in a variety of different challenges, for the coveted title of ultimate survivor. This camp is sure to be a bullseye for the little avenger/ hunger game winner in your life.

WHAT TO EXPECT: After learning the rules of the game campers will get to practice during the week. Athletes will shoot at stationary targets in a range. Please note safety is our priority. An experienced instructor will closely monitor the use of equipment at all times. Every participant will also be wearing safety glasses as a precaution. Ultimate Survivor crafts and games will compliment each day’s event.


Competing in Target Shooting Challenges

Learning a Unique Obstacle Course Choreography

Obstacle Races

And So Much More!

As the kids explore the variety of Ultimate Survivor themed activities, they will also be provided crafts which go alongside the theme!

Rideau-Resolute Olympics

The time has come! It is time to show off what you’ve got. Each day, campers will be competing to bring home the gold. Your child will be called to embrace their inner champion! Campers can challenge themselves to beat their personal best and step up to the plate to harness that competitive edge. Get your game face on because the Rideau-Resolute Olympics are here. Make room on your shelves, medals will be awarded!

WHAT TO EXPECT: A variety of fun games and sports for your children to partake in. Race and competitive themed crafts and games will compliment each day’s event!

Soccer: Matches, Sharks & Minnows,Tic Tac Toe (ball control practice)

Softball/Baseball: Matches, Monkey in the Middle, Target Practice

Basketball: Matches, Bump, 21

Backyard Games: Volleyball, Badminton, Spikeball

Target Shooting

And more!

(Ages 6-12)

Alongside the many exciting themed activities, all campers will have the opportunity to enjoy and learn how to use our gymnastics equipment, outdoor activities, and crafts. Please do not forget to bring clean indoor sneakers for all Ninja Obstacle activities.

SPECIAL Agent Training Camp

Attention parents, Rideau-Resolute is looking to enlist your high caliber agents for a top secret mission. Your mission should you choose to accept it, will put you front and center in the action. We have reason to believe someone has infiltrated the gym. Each Special Agent will be going undercover, as agent recruits! They will be faced with elaborate obstacles and intensive agent training. Your mission is to find the mole and report back to HQ. Good luck agents. This message will self-destruct in 5 seconds….

WHAT TO EXPECT: Campers will embrace their inner Special  Agent, as they learn to conquer the courses laid out for them. Safety gear will be provided for all shooting activities. You are also welcome to bring your own labeled protective eye gear.

Timed obstacle course runs

Special Agent training – (rolls, dives and other cool action based movements.)

Target shooting with nerf guns

Special Agent themed crafts

Special Agent filmed action choreography

And so much more!

Shinobi Training Camp

The way of the ninja is dying and we need shinobi now more than ever! Rideau-Resolute is requesting all parents who know anyone willing, to enlist in ninja training. We need them for a high priority mission. This mission will have each shinobi learning the ways of the bow, shuriken and parkour. Each shinobi will learn to conquer each obstacle and will test their new skills in the facility. Our mission is simple, keep the ways of the ninja alive! That is Resolute’s nindo way.

WHAT TO EXPECT: Campers will learn to parkour around the gym and race through our Ninja Obstacle course while perfecting their ninja-style. Safety gear will be provided for all shooting activities. You are also welcome to bring your own labeled protective eye gear.

Timed obstacle course runs

Shinobi training – (rolls, dives, flips, and other cool action based movements.)

Target shooting with nerf bows and origami shurikens

Shinobi themed crafts

Ninja action choreography

And so much more!

Camps Theme Ninja

Tumble & Cheer
(Ages 8-12)

Feel free to bring your cheer shoes if you’ve got ’em! Wear comfy athletic gear for training and for all the fun activities the rest of day.

Tumble and Cheer Camp

Ideally suited for ages 8-12. Are you charismatic? Are you full of energy and looking to channel it in the most fun manner imaginable? If yes, then Tumble & Cheer is for you. Campers will have the opportunity to learn and improve tumbling skills, jumps, and learn some stunts. We will help your kids build the confidence, teamwork skills, and bonds necessary to join a cheer team in the future, stay in competitive form, or just to have fun in a new way.

WHAT TO EXPECT: Campers will work on their tumbling skills and progressions, stunting, and learn a fun mini choreographed routine to present at the end of the week. A strong bridge kickover is the minimum prerequisite required for this camp. Campers will focus on:

Foundational stunting techniques


Perfecting motions

Jump technique

Team building exercises

Camps Theme Tumble
Camps Theme Tumble


(Ideal ages are camp dependent)

Alongside the many exciting themed activities, all campers will have the opportunity to enjoy and learn how to use our gymnastics equipment, outdoor activities, and crafts.

Visual Arts Camp

Ideally suited for children ages 5-12. Does your child have an affinity for the creative? Do they dream of creating masterpieces? Well then this is the camp for them. We look to inspire creativity with an exciting variety of crafts and projects. We will kindle your child’s passion for art and sharpen their skills. Pick up your paint brush and grab your pallet because it is time to make Picasso proud!

WHAT TO EXPECT*: Campers will have extended time in our fully equipped art studio every day to take on ambitious art projects. We will provide all the materials and smocks that are needed. Every project can be accomplished according to the child’s skill and age level; the only thing needed is a love of creating as our art-coordinator will guide and teach a variety of projects that you’ll be proud to display. Campers will learn to paint/draw/sculpt/throw:




T-Shirt & tote bag Designs

And so much more!

*Projects may vary depending on age and skill levels.

Science Camp

Ideally suited for children ages 5-12. Curious about how things work? Intrigued about the world around you? If you answered yes to either of these questions, this is the camp for you. Campers will be taking on a variety of experiments which explore the nature of things. Put on your lab coat and fasten your safety goggles, the experiments are about to begin!

WHAT TO EXPECT: Campers will be provided with a variety of fun hands-on science experiments to explore our amazing world through fun and engaging science experiments and tests in each of these fields:

Chemistry: Slime-making and exploding volcanoes.

Physics: Test the strength of your egg drops and bridges.

Biology and Ecology: Collect and study ants and bugs and learn all about our local ecology.

Geology: Collect, study, tumble some rocks and maybe even crack open some geodes.

And much more!


Ideally suited for children ages 5-10 who love LEGO and want to learn to be a Secret Agent. Do you have a creative little engineer who doubles as 007 in your household? If the answer is yes, then this camp will be precisely what the doctor ordered. Campers will tap into their creativity in a variety of organized LEGO based activities, all the while taking on a slew of secret agent themed tasks. One brick at a time, each camper will take on the activities before them for the title of Ultimate Builder! Children will also be challenged to crack secret codes and show off their secret agent prowess as they traverse our booby trapped rooms.

WHAT TO EXPECT: There will never be a dull moment! Campers will be taking on a variety of LEGO activities:

Learn to build fantasy creatures (Dragons and Monsters), animals (hedgehogs, sharks, narwhals), buildings (castles, skyscrapers, houses).

Design and race vehicles, such as elastic cars, Wind Racers, LEGO Catapult.

Crack codes, Murder mysteries, and other Secret Agent themed activities.

And so much more!

Performing Arts Camp

Ideally suited for children ages 5-12 who love to dance and perform. Are you looking to bust your grooviest move or to embrace your inner actor? If yes, then you have come to the right place. Campers will explore the world of dance, showcase their acting talents, and embrace their inner star. The spotlight is on you! Lights. Camera. Action!

WHAT TO EXPECT: Every day campers learn dance routines, choreography, participate in skits, re-enact scenes, and develop their performance skills. Parents will be invited into the gym on Friday to marvel at their child’s talents! Activities include:

Structured Dance Choreography

Variety of Improv Games

Participate in short skits/talent show

Movie Snapshot reenactment

Costume Design

And so much more!

Programming & Robotics Camp

Recommended for children 8-14 as it will require the ability to type and understand beginner logic concepts. Curious about the world of technology and the world of coding? Then look no further! Campers new to programming will discover the basics using event-driven coding in our Scratch/Python Programming Camp. They will be challenged to think creatively and code their own stories, games, and/or animations.

WHAT TO EXPECT: Campers will primarily be working with Micro:bit. These fun programming tools allow for hours of creative fun.

Micro:bit Robots: Each week children will learn to code a variety of inputs to design their own robot friends.

Scratch Program: Campers will use this to learn introductory Micro:bit activities such as

Mini-Games: like Buzz Wire, Robot Bus, Motorbike Simulator, Step Counter, etc.

Scratch Guitars: Create playable guitars out of cardboard.

Scratch Boom Box: Create a useable Boom Box.

Python Program: For campers who already have some programming experience and want to learn more. Python also allows for countless exciting Micro:bit activities such as:

Name Badges: Program your Micro:bit’s LEDS to spell your name.

Magic 8-Balls: Program your Micro:bit’s LEDS to become a functioning Magic 8-Ball.

Flashing Emotions: Program your Micro:bit’s LEDS to become a smiley face!

(AGES 12-15)

Help your tween and teens unplug and get out and enjoy the summer (or at least a week of summer)! Challenge your teen with exciting games and activities tailored just for them.

Game Show Week

Welcome to the first RIDEAU-RESOLUTE GAMES! Each contestant will take on a variety of popular game show activities throughout the week. Each of these games are icons in the world of pop culture and will always keep you on your toes. Contestants will be competing each day in one of our preselected activities for the title of ULTIMATE CHAMPION! Get your game faces ready because the show is about to begin!

WHAT TO EXPECT: Each day our teen campers will be taking on new and exciting challenges to test their mental and physical capabilities. Campers will be sorted into teams and they will race/compete/accomplish tasks and puzzles in and around the gym facility as well as around the Kanata area. Bring a friend and create your ultimate team! All campers will also be participating in a variety of gymnastics, parkour, and ninja races within the facilities. Prizes will be awarded! The Game Show themes for the week are:

Escape Room

Amazing Race

Family Feud/ Jeopardy

Resolute Games (a series of school yard games)

And more!

Rideau-Resolute Olympics

Wave to the crowd, your time has come! It is time to test your mettle. Each day campers will be competing to bring home prizes and bragging rights. Your teen will be called to embrace and sharpen their competitive edge. Put on your game face because the Rideau-Resolute Games have begun!

WHAT TO EXPECT: Campers will be provided the opportunity to explore our wonderful facility as they take on gymnastics, parkour, and ninja lessons with one of our fantastic coaches. Bring your own protective eye gear and clean indoor shoes for the Ninja-Obstacle course. Campers will participate in a series of races and competitions to see if they can beat their personal best or even against another team/mate in:

Soccer: Matches, Sharks & Minnows.

Softball and Baseball: Matches, Monkey in the Middle, Target Practice.

Basketball: Matches, Bump, 21.

Yard Games: Volleyball, Badminton, Spikeball.

Target Shooting: Nerf Wars, bow and (soft-tipped) arrows.

And so much more!


Registration and Financial Policies for camp

To register for any program at Rideau Gymnastics, please create an account within our registration portal: app.iclasspro.com When an account is created, you can:
  1. Register for classes and securely pay online via the registration portal
  2. Call or visit our gym during reception hours to enquire and/or register for classes
Email admin@resolutecenter.ca or admin@rideaugymnastics.org to enquire and/or register for camps Phone Number: (613) 627-0066 Reception Hours: Mon – Fri from 4 pm to 8 pm and Sat-Sun from 9 am to 1 pm
Our camps are offered to children between the ages of 5 to 15 years old. We do however accept children aged 4 who are fully toilet trained and can use the washroom unsupervised. Administration has the right to contact parents and ask them to take their child home during the camp day if the conditions mentioned above are not respected.
We accept cash, e-transfer, cheque or credit card payment. Please make cheques payable to Rideau Gymnastics. Payment can be made in person, electronically via e-mail transfer admin@rideaugymnastics.org or phone (613) 627-0066. Registrations are not considered confirmed unless registration forms are completed and full payment is received. Returned cheques are subject to a $25.00 service charge.
We are obliged to collect and remit an annual Gymnastics Ontario Insurance and program fee for each student enrolled in gymnastics related program (artistic gymnastics, power tumbling, trampoline, and acrobatics) not included in any of the camp fees. The insurance covers each athlete for the period from July 1st to June 30th each year. As this fee is remitted to Gymnastics Ontario it is non-refundable. Please remember to include it for each child with the first session fees each year following the month of July. Rideau Gymnastics has the right to terminate a child’s registration for non-payment or failure to comply with Gymnastics Ontario and/or club rules and regulations.
Payment is due upon registration for any camp enrollment. Cancellations will be accepted no later than fourteen days prior to the start of the camp date. If, as part of the registration process, a payment covering Gymnastics Ontario Annual Insurance Fee is remitted it could not be refunded. All other cancellation requests will be assessed with the submission of a medical note by a qualified healthcare provider.
Sibling Discount: We offer 10% off for any sibling after the first child is enrolled at regular price.

General Guidelines

Camps run from 9:00 am until 4:00 pm or 4:30 pm (check specific camp schedule). Early Drop-off from 8:00 am and late pick-up until 5:30 pm is $5.95 per day or $25 per five days week or $20 per four days week. Participants must be signed in/out by a parent or guardian in the morning upon arrival and before departure.
  1. Lunch and 2 nut-free snacks
  2. Water bottle (can be refilled in the gym)
  3. Hat and sunscreen (for summer camp and PA/PD days)
  4. Gymnastics leotard or comfortable clothing free of strings, hoods, zippers, etc.
  5. Comfortable/athletic footwear (barefoot in gym, gymnastic shoes/water shoes accepted)
  6. Extra set of clothing recommended
  7. Jewelry not permitted, small stud earrings are acceptable
  8. Hair must be pulled back with headband, elastics, and/or barrettes
  9. Do not wear socks or tights because they are slippery on various equipment and therefore potentially dangerous
Please inform us of any physical or medical information regarding your child that may affect their performance. Please keep your child at home if they are feeling ill in order to limit the spread of germs and/or illness!
Rideau Gymnastics is not responsible for any items lost or stolen on our premises. We cannot guarantee the security of personal items left in change rooms during camps and we do not guarantee that lost items will be found. Therefore, please leave all valuables at home. Should you lose something, there is a Lost & Found bin for clothing which we occasionally clear out by donating unclaimed items to charity. Please check it regularly.
Please leave all electronic devices at home. These devices are distracting and can pose as a threat to a camper’s safety and privacy. Please be aware that some families do not want their child using electronic devices as they may not agree with the games or videos being used or played. Cell phones are not necessary because campers have access to a telephone in the gym. Participants may bring books, activity pads and/or work to keep them busy.