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Competitive Aerobic gymnastics

Aerobic gymnastics is the ability to perform continuous complex and high intensity aerobic movement patterns to music, which originates from traditional aerobic exercises: the routine must demonstrate continuous movement, flexibility, strength and the utilisation of the seven basic steps, with perfectly executed difficulty elements.

Aerobic gymnastics or sport aerobics is a competitive sport originating from traditional aerobics in which complex, high-intensity movement patterns and elements of varying difficulty are performed to music.

Aerobic Gymnastics combines aerobic choreography and gymnastics elements.  These phenomenally fit athletes perform incredibly fast, eye-catching routines to upbeat music.  Their nonstop performance incorporates complex and high-intensity movement patterns which originate from traditional aerobic dance.

It includes elements of dynamic and static strength, flexibility, balance and the ability to perform high flying jumps. The competitor must also include various combinations and sequences from the list of 7 basic aerobic steps: Knee Lift, Kick, Jacks, Lunge, March, Jog and Skip.