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Schedule A Competitive Tryout

Thank you for your interest in the competitive team program at Rideau Gymnastics!

If your child have already participated in a competitive program please send us an email to schedule tryout.

This program is entered through a successful audition or by invitation only. Aspiring gymnasts need not be current members of Rideau Gymnastics. The minimum age for entrance into the Rideau Gymnastics Pre-Competitive/Competitive Program is four (4) years of age by December 31, 2019. Simple aptitude testing activities help us evaluate attributes such as flexibility, strength, coordination, balance, listening ability, a positive training attitude, desire to learn new skills, sportsmanship. and tenacity.

Most of the above attributes, along with others, such as competition attitude, will continue to be worked upon and assessed throughout the program, in order to determine a suitable path.

The Rideau Gymnastics Competitive Programs are for athletes who demonstrate a love of movement and performance, show little fear, and have boundless energy. If your child expresses these traits, the Competitive Program may be for you!

Please include in your email the child’s age, gender, and details regarding previous training. Indicate the program you are interested in: Artistic Gymnastics, Power Tumbling, Trampoline or Acrobatics.


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