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Competitive Artistic Gymnastics

Rideau Gymnastics offers competitive artistic gymnastics programs for boys and girls at the pre-competitive, interclub/invitational, provincial and national level. Please contact us to schedule a tryout if you think you have an athlete who would enjoy being part of our dedicated and hardworking competitive team.

Mighty Mini's Rideau Gymnastics

Boys & Girls Developmental Groups

4 hours/week, ages 4-6

This is a developmental group that teaches foundational gymnastics such as body shaping, strength building, and flexibility in preparation for any of our pre-competitive streams. An assessment by a coach is required for enrollment in this annual program.

Boys & Girls Pre-Competitive

6 -12 hours/week, ages 6-9

The pre-competitive program focuses on continuing to develop basic gymnastics body positions and execution while advancing towards competitive level skills. Pre-competitive is a preparatory class for the competitive streams and requires a certain level of dedication and commitment. A recommendation by your child’s coach is mandatory for enrollment in Pre-competitive.

Boys & Girls Inter-Club/Invitational

9-12 hours/week, ages 9+

Our interclub/invitational program trains athletes to compete in Interclub/invitational competitions around the province. The program continues to develop flexibility, strength and endurance, while maintaining a competitive nature.

Competitive Rideau Gymnastics

Boys & Girls Competitive Provincial & National Level

12+ hours/week, ages 9+

Women's and Men's Artistic Gymnastics - experience the joy and satisfaction of being in control as you perform difficult spins, stretches, swings, twists, flips in mid-air, and skillful landings. High-level competitive gymnastics requires learning and mastering to perfection difficult skills performed on Exercise Floor, Rings, Vault, Parallel Bars, High Bar, & Pommel Horse. A significant amount of time and dedication is required for this program.


Rideau Gymnastics Update

Dear Rideau Families,

Following the request made by all levels of government, all recreational and competitive training has been suspended until further notice.

We hope everyone is coping with the new, but hopefully short-lived, lifestyle norms.

To those that were registered to our March Break camp, please note that a credit will be applied to your account.

Furthermore, recreational athletes will be offered make-up training for sessions missed due to our temporary closure, once we reopen.

We would like to thank everyone for their patience and support during these times.

We will continue to provide updates, as soon as new information is available.

Staying connected in these times is even more important than before, so we encourage everyone to keep in touch through the various online communication means that we are fortunate to have at our disposal.

Your Rideau Team