Camps run 9:00am – 4:00pm
Before (8:00am to 9:00am) and after-care (4:00pm to 5:30pm) is available for an additional $9.75+HST per day.

A Gymnastics Ontario (GO) insurance fee is required for all campers and is due 2 weeks before your camp week starts. You may switch dates/programs if there is space available. Full week registrations only. Some exceptions may apply for  single day registrations. Please email admin@resolutecenter.ca.

Learn more about all our special camp themes and see the calendar and pricelist below.




For athletes aged 5-13.

Each week, the gymnastics camp will alternate between the 2 themes, Rideau Olympics or Ultimate Survivor.

Rideau Olympics
The time has come! It is time to show off what you’ve got. Each day, campers will be competing to bring home the gold. Your child will be called to embrace their inner champion! Campers can challenge themselves to beat their personal best and step up to the plate to harness that competitive edge. Get your game face on because the Rideau-Resolute Olympics are here.


Ultimate Survivor
Summer is here and we are ready for some serious fun! Campers will be working together in team bonding games and activities while also competing against one other in the ultimate survivor challenges. Get your ready to for some awesome summer fun because the Rideau-Resolute Ultimate Survivor challenge has begun!

A variety of fun games and sports as well as daily crafts to complement the day!

Gymnastics: From flips on the bars to somersaults on the mats, the campers will have tons of gymnastics practice time

Soccer: Matches, Sharks & Minnows,Tic Tac Toe (ball control practice)

Softball/Baseball/Basketball: Matches, Monkey in the Middle, Target Practice

Backyard Games: Get ready for classic summer camp vibes as you enjoy a variety of fun backyard games that can be played in the gym or outside

Target Shooting: Campers get to experience the thrill of archery, hitting the bullseye with fun target practice

And so much more!

For athletes aged 8-13.

Pre-requisites: For kids aged 8+ who possess some basic tumbling skills, including a minimum competency in round-offs and is working on back/front walkovers.

Join our dynamic and fun tumbling camp! Refine your skills in round-offs, cartwheels, handsprings, and progress to more advanced maneuvers. Campers are grouped by age and skill level, ensuring a supportive and skill-appropriate environment. Emphasis is on tumbling techniques, with an optional introduction to basic cheerleading stunting. Prepare for an exciting week of tumbling challenges, skill development, and a supportive atmosphere for confident progression in your tumbling journey!

What to Expect

Foundation Building




Back/front walkovers

Trampoline time

Crafts and Games time

For athletes aged 5-13.

Rhythmic gymnastics is a sport that combines elements of dance, flexibility, and expressive movement with the manipulation of apparatus such as hoops, balls, ribbons, and clubs.


Our exciting Rhythmic Gymnastics camp will iImmerse your little rhythmic gymnast into an exciting world of creative expression. Set to music and a supportive environment, campers will learn to twirl hoops, toss balls, and dance with ribbons, creating a magical spectacle that’s as entertaining as it is expressive!

Stretching and flexibility exercises to enhance agility

Expert coaches providing personalized instruction on apparatus handling (hoop, ball, ribbon, clubs)

Skill progression tailored to individual abilities, ensuring growth for all levels

Creative dance sessions to craft individual and group routines

Engaging games and challenges to strengthen teamwork

An opportunity for campers to make friends, show off their choreo and share their newfound skills

For athletes aged 6-13.

Unleash the competitive spirit in your child with our Ninja Obstacle Race and Parkour Camp! This action-packed adventure is designed for young thrill-seekers eager to conquer exciting race and timed challenges, and master the art of free-running and parkour.

Timed obstacle course runs

Develop agility and speed while honing upper body and grip strength.

Parkour Exploration: Embark on a journey of running over and under obstacles, learning to flip and roll safely.

Team Challenges: Foster teamwork and camaraderie through exciting group challenges in the form of races against another team or for your own personal best!

And so much more!

For athletes aged 7-15.

Our martial arts camp is a fun and exciting way to learn self-defense, discipline, and respect. With activities such as conditioning drills, circuit training, and sparring, your child will improve their physical and mental well-being while making new friends!

Our week-long program includes daily TaeKwondo classes designed for kids and taught by experienced and enthusiastic instructors.

Activities include:

  • Daily TKD classes, learning patterns, sparring, and self-defense skills.
  • Progress is monitored through a belt system with opportunities for testing when ready.
  • Fun and engaging activities in our gym facility, including obstacle courses, games, team building, rock climbing, trampolines.
  • Improved physical and mental abilities, increased confidence, and grow a love for martial arts.

For dancers aged 5-15.

Our dance camp is designed to teach kids the fundamentals of dance and choreography. All dance campers will spend time learning a variety of dance styles, including tap, hip hop, contemporary, ballet, and more!

Whether your child is a seasoned dancer or just loves to move to the beat, our camp is the perfect opportunity for them to have fun, make friends, and improve their skills. At the end of each week, kids will show off their moves in a performance for parents and friends. No need to worry about special attire – just wear your camp clothes and get ready to dance your heart out! Our dance camp is guaranteed to be an exciting and unforgettable experience that your child will cherish.Introduction to hip hop, tap, jazz, contemporary, ballet, breakdancing and more!

Themed crafts

End-of-week performance for family and friends

Gym-time fun and games

Outdoor/park time (weather permitting)

For dancers aged 8-15.

Get ready to move at our Hip Hop Dance Summer Camp! This camp offers a fun and energetic environment where kids can explore the exciting and cool world of hip hop dance. Campers will learn the latest dance trends, develop their own unique style, and build confidence on the dance floor.

Daily Dance Classes: Engaging sessions that teach rhythm, hip hop, house dance, and more!

Creative Workshops: Campers will get to tap into their creativity through freestyle sessions, improvisation exercises, and collaborative dance projects.

Performance! What’s a dance camp without a Friday afternoon show! Campers will demonstrate what they’ve learned throughout the week in a fabulous performance for the parents.

All dance campers will also get to benefit from Resolute Studios sister organization, Rideau Gymnastics’ huge facility to bounce, run, and tumble, themed crafts and spend time outdoors (weather permitting).

For little stars aged 6-13.

Campers will explore the thrilling world of dance, music, improv; embrace their acting chops, and showcase their inner star! The spotlight is on… Lights. Camera. Action!

Every day campers learn dance routines, choreography, participate in skits, re-enact scenes, and develop their performance skills. Parents will be invited into the gym on Friday to marvel at their child’s talents! Activities include:

Structured Dance Choreography

Variety of Improv Games

Participate in short skits/talent show

Movie Snapshot reenactment

Costume Design

And so much more!

For artists aged 5-13

Do you have a creative child? This is the camp for them! We look to inspire creativity with an exciting variety of crafts and projects. We will kindle your child’s passion for art and sharpen their skills. Pick up your paint brush and grab your pallet because it is time to make some art you will be proud to display!

Campers will have extended time in our fully equipped art studio every day to take on ambitious art projects. We will provide all the materials. The only thing needed is a love of creating as our art-coordinator will guide and teach a variety of projects that you’ll be proud to display. Campers will learn to paint/draw/sculpt and more!




T-Shirt & tote bag Designs

Projects may vary depending on age and skill levels.

For coders aged 8-15.

Discover programming basics using event-driven coding in our Scratch/Python Programming Camp. They will be challenged to think creatively and code stories, games, and animations.

Campers will primarily be working with Micro:bit. These fun programming tools allow for hours of creative fun.

Micro:bit Robots: Each week children will learn to code a variety of inputs to design their own robot friends.

Scratch Program: Campers will use this to learn introductory Micro:bit activities such as

Mini-Games: like Buzz Wire, Robot Bus, Motorbike Simulator, Step Counter, etc.

Scratch Guitars: Create playable guitars out of cardboard.

Scratch Boom Box: Create a useable Boom Box.

Python Program: For campers who already have some programming experience and want to learn more. Python also allows for countless exciting Micro:bit activities such as:

Name Badges: Program your Micro:bit’s LEDS to spell your name.

Magic 8-Balls: Program your Micro:bit’s LEDS to become a functioning Magic 8-Ball.

Flashing Emotions: Program your Micro:bit’s LEDS to become a smiley face!

For scientist aged 6-13.

Is your child intrigued about the world around us? This is the camp for them! Campers will be taking on a variety of experiments which explore the nature of things. Put on your lab coat and fasten your safety goggles, the experiments are about to begin!

Campers will be provided with a variety of fun hands-on science experiments to explore our amazing world through fun and engaging science experiments and tests in each of these fields:

Chemistry: Slime-making and exploding volcanoes.

Physics: Test the strength of your egg drops and bridges.

Biology and Ecology: Collect and study ants and bugs and learn all about our local ecology.

Geology: Collect, study, tumble some rocks and maybe even crack open some geodes.

And much more!

For rockhounds aged 6-11.

Delve into the captivating world of gems and minerals at the Gems, Minerals, and Precious Stones Camp! This unique summer camp combines hands-on and demonstration learning, allowing campers to explore geology through experimentation. Equipped with specialized tools like a rock cutter, polisher, and diamond cutter, participants will unlock the beauty within geodes, learning about stone characteristics and properties. By week’s end, campers will be able to distinguish and identify various stones. All Gems and Minerals Campers will also get to benefit from the huge range of physical activities, gymnastics equipment, and trampolines available inside Rideau Gymnastics. No prior experience is needed, making this camp an enriching experience for all curious minds. Campers leave with a collection of personally cut and polished precious and semi-precious stones!

Campers will learn to identify and classify various gems and mineral

How to cut open stones

How to properly polish stones

How to cut precious and/or semi-precious stones

How stones are categorized and why they have a certain shape or color

Campers will polish and keep their very own stones!

For chefs aged 6-13. 

Embark on a culinary adventure with our camp for young chefs! From cooking basics to global flavours, it’s all about hands-on fun and tasty discoveries. Your child will learn valuable life skills, take a look at nutrition, and learn how to prepare snacks and dishes on their own!


Please fill in the special form that will be sent to you after your registration into this camp to inform us of any food allergies and/or dietary needs. 

Please note: You will only need to pack a smaller lunch as the kids will be snacking and tasting their creations throughout the day.

  • Learn how to make healthy and delicious snacks from around the world.

  • Daily hands-on cooking of simple, interesting recipes under professional guidance.

  • Develop not just culinary skills but also reading, teamwork, and fine motor skills.

  • Hygiene and cleanliness ensured with pre-treated surfaces and disinfected products.

  • No need to worry about clothing as aprons are provided.

  • Free time includes time in the Rideau Gymnastics facility with time on the trampoline and other exciting equipment, as well as outdoor activities (weather permitting) for a well-rounded experience.

For engineers aged 8-15.

From cracking logic puzzles and creating flashing heart examples to building your own micro:bit robots, this camp is all about hands-on fun. Join us as we dive into coding adventures, explore cool technologies, and wrap up the week by bringing your unique robot creations to life – it’s a blast of creativity and learning rolled into one!

Campers will primarily be working with Micro:bit. These fun programming tools allow for hours of creative fun.

Micro:bit Robots: Each week children will learn to code a variety of inputs to design their own robot friends.

Micro:bit inchworm robot: 
Learn binary conversions and calculations

Mini smart robot car kit:
Learn about mobile robots
Challenges with movement
Line tracking
Obstacle avoidance

Flashing Emotions: Program your Micro:bit’s LEDS to become a smiley face/flashing heart and more!

For agents aged 5-10.

Do you have a creative little engineer who also doubles as 007? If the answer is yes, then this camp will be precisely what the doctor ordered. One brick at a time, each camper will take on the activities before them for the title of Ultimate Builder! The other part of the day will also be challenged to crack secret codes and show off their secret agent prowess as they traverse our booby trapped rooms.

There will never be a dull moment! Campers will be taking on a variety of LEGO activities:

Learn to build fantasy creatures (Dragons and Monsters), animals (hedgehogs, sharks, narwhals), buildings (castles, skyscrapers, houses).

Design and race vehicles, such as elastic cars, Wind Racers, LEGO Catapult.

Crack codes, Murder mysteries, and other Secret Agent themed activities.

And so much more!

Registration and Financial Policies for camp

To register for any program at Rideau Gymnastics, please create an account within our registration portal: app.iclasspro.com

When an account is created, you can:

  1. Register for classes and securely pay online via the registration portal
  2. Call or visit our gym during reception hours to enquire and/or register for classes

Email admin@resolutecenter.ca or admin@rideaugymnastics.org to enquire and/or register for camps

Phone Number: (613) 627-0066

Reception Hours:

Mon – Fri from 3 pm to 7:30 pm and Sat-Sun from 9 am to 1 pm

Our camps are offered to children between the ages of 5 to 15 years old. We do however accept children aged 4 who are fully toilet trained and can use the washroom unsupervised, depending on the camp theme. Administration has the right to contact parents and ask them to take their child home during the camp day if the conditions mentioned above are not respected.

We accept cash, e-transfer, cheque or credit card payment. Please make cheques payable to Rideau Gymnastics. Payment can be made in person, electronically via e-mail transfer admin@rideaugymnastics.org or phone (613) 627-0066. Registrations are not considered confirmed unless registration forms are completed and full payment is received. Returned cheques are subject to a $25.00 service charge.
We are obliged to collect and remit an annual Gymnastics Ontario Insurance and program fee for each student enrolled in gymnastics related program (artistic gymnastics, power tumbling, trampoline, and acrobatics) not included in any of the camp fees. The insurance covers each athlete for the period from July 1st to June 30th each year. As this fee is remitted to Gymnastics Ontario it is non-refundable. Please remember to include it for each child with the first session fees each year following the month of July. Rideau Gymnastics has the right to terminate a child’s registration for non-payment or failure to comply with Gymnastics Ontario and/or club rules and regulations.

Payment is due upon registration for all camp enrollments.

A full refund (minus a 3.5% credit card service fee if payment was made by credit card) is given if a written request for a refund is received by the office fourteen days prior to the start of the camp date.  A full refund (minus a 3.5% credit card service fee if the payment was made by credit card) is given if a written request for a refund (on tuition only) is received within the applicable time limit.  If, as part of the registration process, a payment covering the Gymnastics Ontario Annual Insurance Fee (GO Fee) has already been remitted to Gymnastics Ontario (GO) it cannot be refunded.

All other cancellation requests will be assessed with the submission of a medical note by a qualified healthcare provider. 

Sibling Discount: We offer 10% off for any sibling after the first child is enrolled at regular price.

General Guidelines

Camps run from 9:00 am until 4:00 pm or 4:30 pm (check specific camp schedule).

Early Drop-off from 8:00 am and late pick-up until 5:30 pm is $5.95+tx per day or $25+tx for five days week or $20+tx for four days week.
Participants must be signed in/out by a parent or guardian in the morning upon arrival and before departure.

  1. Lunch and 2 nut-free snacks
  2. Water bottle (can be refilled in the gym)
  3. Hat and sunscreen (for summer camp and PA/PD days)
  4. Gymnastics leotard or comfortable clothing free of strings, hoods, zippers, etc.
  5. Comfortable/athletic footwear (barefoot in gym, gymnastic shoes/water shoes accepted)
  6. Extra set of clothing recommended
  7. Jewelry not permitted, small stud earrings are acceptable
  8. Hair must be pulled back with headband, elastics, and/or barrettes
  9. Do not wear socks or tights because they are slippery on various equipment and therefore potentially dangerous
Please inform us of any physical or medical information regarding your child that may affect their performance. Please keep your child at home if they are feeling ill in order to limit the spread of germs and/or illness!
Rideau Gymnastics is not responsible for any items lost or stolen on our premises. We cannot guarantee the security of personal items left in change rooms during camps and we do not guarantee that lost items will be found. Therefore, please leave all valuables at home. Should you lose something, there is a Lost & Found bin for clothing which we occasionally clear out by donating unclaimed items to charity. Please check it regularly.
Please leave all electronic devices at home. These devices are distracting and can pose as a threat to a camper’s safety and privacy. Please be aware that some families do not want their child using electronic devices as they may not agree with the games or videos being used or played. Cell phones are not necessary because campers have access to a telephone in the gym. Participants may bring books, activity pads and/or work to keep them busy.