Ninja Obstacle

Put your resilience to the test and join one of our high-energy Ninja Obstacle Classes that are sure to challenge and delight! Our program is designed to meet each athlete where they are and guide them through learning how to use their bodies at new heights. Athletes will climb, swing, hang, and use the various obstacles to get from point A to B. With adjustable obstacles the opportunities are endless for adding new elements to challenge you.

NINJA 1 & 2

1.5 hr Classes
Ninja 1: Age 6-8
Ninja 2: Age 8+

Never tried the course before? Looking to improve your coordination, strength, and confidence? Ninja 1 & 2 classes are intro classes. Our Ninja Obstacle course is very challenging and not recommended for children under age 6.


Age 8+
1.5 hr class

Do you have prior experience in Ninja, Parkour, or Gymnastics? Can you make it across the monkey bars without falling? Looking to be challenged with new obstacles and techniques? Check out the advanced classes.