Pre & Teen

Gymnastics classes for youth who want to continue to develop coordination and strength. Athletes will use all of our full sized equipment and progress through the badges or learn skills at their own pace.


2 hr class
10+ years

This class is for teens and almost teens who have basic or very little background in gymnastics and are looking to try something new. Athletes will learn basic body positions, build strength and flexibility while attempting new gymnastics skills depending on their level. This is a great way to maintain and improve fitness with instruction by a certified coach.

Looking for more, but not interested in joining an interclub or competitive/developmental team? Then our annual registration advanced class may be for you! More focused instruction with the same coach for the year, but without the commitment of a competitive program. Click here to read more.


Currently Unavailable
2 hr class
10-17 years

A class for boys interested in continuing their development of intermediate and advanced artistic gymnastics skills such as: back hip circles, kip timers, handsprings on vault, and cross support swings in a fun and supportive environment. Athletes may choose to continue achieving badges or work on their self directed path with the support of a certified coach.