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Welcome to our Meet the Team page, where you’ll get a glimpse of the exceptional individuals who form the backbone of our kids gymnastics club. Our dedicated team of coaches and staff brings together a wealth of expertise, passion, and unwavering commitment to creating a nurturing and empowering environment for our young athletes. Each member of our team is hand-picked for their exceptional qualifications, experience, and genuine love for working with children. Together, we strive to inspire, guide, and support every child in their gymnastics journey, fostering a love for the sport and helping them reach their full potential. Get to know the incredible individuals who make up our team and discover the passion that drives us to create extraordinary experiences for our gymnasts every day.



BAYLEIGH DUBEAU RECREATIONAL COACH & AFTER SCHOOL COORDINATOR Meet Coach Bayleigh! With 12 years of coaching experience, Bayleigh's journey began assisting coaches at 13 and officially coaching at 15. Since joining Rideau in 2022, she's been an essential part of the gym family. As a versatile recreational coach, Bayleigh goes above and beyond as she is also the After School and PD Day Camps Coordinator at the Resolute Center. She takes pride in guiding everyone towards their gymnastics goals and loves teaching challenging tumbling skills, especially back handsprings. Off the gym floor, Bayleigh enjoys family time, video games, and unleashing her creativity through costume design. Be sure to say hi to her when you see her around, she’s hard to miss with the signature green hair!



HAYLEY GREEN RECREATIONAL DIRECTOR Born in Edmonton, Coach Hayley has been a competitive artistic gymnast, power tumbler, and cheerleader. Hayley has over 6 years of coaching experience both recreational and competitive. She is competition 1 trained in both Trampoline and Artistic gymnastics. Hayley enjoys watching her athletes achieve new skills, grow in confidence and become strong gymnasts. She is currently attending Algonquin College working on her Bachelors of Commerce.



PERI LARSON ADMINISTRATIVE COORDINATOR Meet Peri, an Ottawa native! She is not only the welcoming face of Rideau Gymnastics but also a hub of information. She ensures the smooth operation of the front desk and her vast knowledge of the gym's operations keeps everything running smoothly. Whether it's answering emails or providing info, she is always there with a friendly smile. Peri came to Rideau with a remarkable 9 years experience in customer service, including experience managing a bustling bakery department. Always ready to lend a hand, Peri's cheerful disposition and helpful nature make her an invaluable asset. Outside of work, she indulges in her love for literature, passionately writing book reviews for friends and family and even running her own online book club.





ELISABETH ANTIFAVE T&T COACH Affectionately known as Lizzie, a former T&T Athlete that is passing on her skills to the next gen!




EKATERINA BARANOVA WAG PRE-COMP COACH Coach Kat is a dedicated and patient WAG Pre-Comp coach at Rideau Gymnastics. With her sweet and nurturing approach, she creates a positive environment where young athletes feel supported and encouraged to excel. Kat challenges her students to push their limits and strive for their personal best, fostering a love for gymnastics while building their skills and confidence. Coach Kat was a national-level gymnast in her native Belarus and her genuine love of gymnastics shines through, making her a beloved coach at Rideau!


NOEL BAROLET MAG COACH Coach Noel is a highly accomplished MAG Coach at Rideau Gymnastics, known for his extensive experience and unwavering passion for the sport. Hailing from Brampton, Ontario, Noel made a name for himself as a competitive gymnast in the 80s, competing at the provincial and national levels. With a degree in Computer Engineering Technology from St. Lawrence College, he brings a unique blend of technical expertise and coaching prowess to his role. Noel’s coaching style is marked by his incredible gentleness, patience, and unwavering enthusiasm. He holds a Level 2 Certification in MAG and trampoline. Beyond the gym, Noel enjoys camping and scuba diving, as well as competing in triathlons. With his playful spirit and commitment to nurturing young gymnasts. When he's not on the gym floor, Noel cherishes quality time with his three children. Noel's unwavering passion and professional expertise make him an invaluable asset to Rideau Gymnastics. If you ask coach Noel his fave event? High Bar - ask him for a demo!


LIVIA BORGES-OMURI WAG COACH Introducing Coach Livia, WAG gymnastics coach with a wealth of experience from Brazil. With 21 years coaching WAG and 4+ years in Trampoline Gymnastics, Livia has honed her skills across a wide range of ages and proficiency levels. Livia’s coaching combines the remarkable ability to be patient and nurturing with young athletes while also uncovering their hidden talents. Coach Livia cultivates the unique strengths of each individual, transforming them into promising athletes. Livia has a Bachelor's Degree in physical education from Metropolitan University Center of São Paulo, is a certified Trampoline judge, and was also a notable competitive WAG athlete. We are excited to have Livia as a part of our WAG coaching team!


COURTNEY BOWDITCH T&T COACH Coach Courtney is an aspring National level athlete who is helping shape Rideau's T&T athletes into the future!


PAM BUDGE-CARVISH T&T COACH Our beloved Trampoline coach Pam, was inspired by the legendary Nadia Comaneci and began her gymnastics journey at the age of 9, achieving provincial WAG status by 12. Her passion for coaching spans decades, including owning her own gymnastics facility. By day, Pam excels as a Nuclear Facility Specialist, but by night, she transforms into Rideau’s awesome trampoline coach. Her educational background in Civil Engineering Technology from Algonquin College adds a meticulous approach to her coaching style. Pam's love for coaching was reignited after surviving breast cancer, fueling her dedication to empower children through gymnastics. Her cosmic charm, acquired from working at the Canadian Space Agency, adds a touch of magic to her coaching, especially on the trampoline.


SARAH CASE WAG INTERCLUB COACH Sarah has a BA in Music Ed from Western and a B.Ed from Queens University. Originally from London, ON, Sarah was a comp WAG athlete until age 12 and competed provincially in Levels 5-7. She later leveraged those gymnastics skills to compete in Cheerleading all through high school and eventually joining Western University's All-Girl Competitive Cheerleading team and winning the 2015 National Title. Sarah coaches our WAG Interclub team.


MICHAEL CHAVES T&T PROGRAM DIRECTOR Originating from Oakville, Coach Michael's journey in the realm of gymnastics commenced at the age of 7, initially delving into artistic gymnastics. However, at the age of 11, he discovered his true calling in tumbling, a path that ultimately led him to represent Team Canada in the esteemed 2018 World Championships held in St. Petersburg. It was during this illustrious event that Michael's exceptional skills earned him a bronze medal in the all-around team event. Enriching his knowledge and qualifications, Michael pursued educational pursuits in Fitness Leadership and Athletic Therapy, fortifying his expertise in the field. Now, as Rideau's esteemed T&T Program Director, he eagerly shares his invaluable experience and nurtures the aspiring T&T athletes with his remarkable legacy.


IULIIA DEMCHENKO AEROBIC GYMNASTICS COACH Iuliia is an accomplished Aerobic Gymnastics coach and fitness instructor with over 10 years of experience. Originally from Russia, she has worked as a competitive aerobics coach, successfully trained athletes and groups for international competitions, producing champions and medalists. Iuliia’s expertise extends beyond coaching, as she also serves as Rideau's Recreational Director, overseeing recreational programs with precision and passion. With a Bachelor's and Master's degree in Physical Education, along with a Level 4 FIG international judges category, her commitment to excellence and comprehensive knowledge make her a true asset to Rideau Gymnastics.



Dos Santos

MAYARA MARCELA WAG COACH Introducing Coach Mayara, an accomplished and dynamic WAG coach from Brazil who brings a wealth of experience and creativity to the sport. With a Bachelor's degree in Physical Education from University Nove de Julho, she specializes in Artistic Gymnastics for girls of all ages. Mayara has excelled as a coach, program coordinator, and choreographer. Her diverse background includes experience in Rhythmic Gymnastics, cheerleading, and choreography, adding a unique flair to her coaching style. With a passion for nurturing young athletes, Mayara is dedicated to training and empowering gymnasts at all levels, ensuring their growth and success on and off the gymnastics floor.


MICHAEL FIGOTIN HEAD COACH Coach Michael radiates an unwavering passion that has fueled his love affair with the sport for an astounding 38 years and counting. Hailing originally from Ukraine as a competitive MAG gymnast, his journey led him to acquire a Bachelor's Degree in Physical Education from Israel, enriching his expertise with an international perspective. With a patience that knows no bounds and an unwavering devotion to both the young athletes he coaches and the sport itself, Michael stands as an unparalleled figure in the realm of gymnastics. Every athlete who’s had the privilege of attending his classes can attest to the extraordinary dedication and care he pours into each and every student. Coach Michael has been a cornerstone of Rideau since its inception and Rideau is proud to have him as head coach.






YEVGENY MOLYEV HEAD MAG COACH Coach Yevgeny, with over 30 years of experience in gymnastics, brings a remarkable track record and exceptional talent to Rideau Gymnastics. Hailing from Ukraine, he earned prestigious titles as a National Champion and Jr National Champion multiple times. Yevgeny's international success includes victories in gymnastics events worldwide, including the Jr World Cup championship in 2001. Transitioning seamlessly into coaching at 18, he has nurtured and shaped Jr National Champions, and his expertise as a Brevet Judge has graced esteemed international meets. As Rideau's Head MAG coach, Yevgeny's leadership and expertise inspire every gymnast he guides.


SOOYEON SEO WAG INTERCLUB COACH Affectionaly known as "Soo", Coach Soo is originally from South Korean and brings her enthusiasm and love for gymnastics to our Interlcub girls!




CASSIDY VRHONIK WAG DEV COACH Meet Coach Cassidy, or Cass! A cherished member of the Rideau Gymnastics coaching team, Cassidy brings infectious enthusiasm to our youngest developmental WAG Dev group. Her love for gymnastics shines as she shares her passion with young athletes. Starting her own gymnastics journey at age 3, Cassidy spent 5 years as a competitive gymnast before transitioning into coaching. Gymnastics remains her true passion, fueled by camaraderie, hard work, and growth. Beyond the gym, Cassidy is a dedicated student, devoting time to her studies and certifications in first aid, CPR-C, airway management, concussion awareness, and suicide prevention. Her genuine love for coaching makes her adored by all her developmental athletes.



RHYTHMIC GYMNASTICS COACH Meet Olha, affectionately known as "Olya" to those at Rideau, is originally from Ukraine and the beautiful world of rhythmic gymnastics. With an impressive decades-long experience in the gymnastics and sports worlds, she holds the esteemed Russian title of “Candidate Master of Sports”. Her invaluable and no-nonsense coaching style at Rideau Gymnastics has propelled the development and progression of aspiring recreational gymnasts to their fullest.